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Latest News

2018 Autumn Collection

Everyone loves it when it cools down after a steamy summer and this is the inspiration behind the new collection. Available now!

Eco Fair – 2nd June 2017

We are so excited to be part of The Morningside State School first ever community Eco Fair! This event is for all the local community,...

Mummy Tree Markets – Sunday 28th February 2016

The FIRST Brisbane market for 2016 will be at the QLD state hockey center at Morningside on Sunday February 28th 9am to 1pm!...

About Us

Hi,nI’m a medical scientist, a wife & most importantly a Mummy! Whilst pregnant, working and living in Europe, I discovered Baba+Boo nappies and I was instantly hooked. I wanted to use modern cloth nappies (MCNs) with our daughter but didn’t want to pay a fortune for a product which I knew very little about and had no experience with.nI put my research skills into action; I ordered 10 nappies and discovered how affordable, economical, absorbent & stylish Baba+Boo nappies actually are. Since then, I have fallen in love with Baba+Boo’s nappies, I moved back to Australia and I set out on a mission to bring Baba+Boo to you!nBaba+Boo nappies receive brilliant reviews from independent parents and fantastic testimonials from customers. They have been produced under strict ethical codes of conduct and designed so customers can assure that the products their baby is wearing works just as well, if not better, as other leading brands.nAt Bouncing Sprouts we aim to bring you the best quality European products at affordable prices. We are passionate about cloth nappies, the environment & all things baby. My team and I are always on hand to offer advice about nappies, just give us a call, email us or join us on Facebook.nThanks for stopping by & I look forward to getting to know you…nDr. Kate KollarnFounder of Bouncing Sprouts

Help Center / F.A.Q

Hi! If you’re here because you have a question or need help then you’re in the right place! You can use the FAQ menu below or if you would like to talk to us directly, you can email us further down the page……nnThese nappies are gaining popularity as the popper system allows them to grow with your baby, making them more economical. Quick and easy to put on, very much like a disposable so if your child goes to a childminder/nursery, it is not hard for the carers to adapt! Soft fleece/suede inner is kinder to baby’s skin and reduces the chance of your baby getting nappy rash. Following these tips and guides below will help your nappies last and perform at their best.

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